Design Your Office to Take Advantage of Office Plants Benefits!

When you’re designing an office, there are many things to consider. It isn’t just how you can deck out your office with as many workstations as possible. A good office should cater to the needs of everyone who works there – whether its for introversion or extroversion, working styles or generational gaps, each and every one of your office workers have more skills to share when they flourish.

Your office workers spend most of their time behind their desks in the office. In fact, many of them spend 67 days a year just sitting sedentary at their desks. That’s why starting off your business with a great office fitout design is so crucial to maintaining employee happiness, health and wellbeing. To have workers that work well, you first need to give them an environment that isn’t actively trying to kill them (WHS).

That is why many office designers and interior decorators have been inspired by biophilia when approaching modern office design and office furniture selection. Biophilia is our intrinsic human connection with nature. Architects and interior designers are trying to hack that feeling where you feel invigorated and refreshed after a hike in the mountains (or just a walk in the local park), and that relaxing feeling where you allow yourself to destress from looking at some natural scenery. Instead of creating offices that isolate you from nature, designers are now bringing nature inside.

Science actively supports how plants help invigorate your workers if you incorporate them intelligently into your office. Here we’ll list just a few of benefits you can get from adding a few bits of greenery around.

1.    Office Plants boost your business by reducing stress

In an early study by UTS, plants were found to reduce worker stress by impressive figures – dropping anxiety by 37%, 58% in depression and feeling dejection, 44% decrease in work hostility and even 38% reduction in fatigue.

In a culture where overwork, stress and mental health have become major hidden costs to businesses, keeping your worker’s mental health levels in a more positive place can only benefit your staff and your business. If adding a few plants in your office can keep wellbeing high and burnout levels lower, why wouldn’t you?

2.    Indoor make an attractive and engaging workplace

Boring workplaces are of the past – newer generations like Millennials and Gen Z love an interactive and engaging workplace. They see work as an extension of their life, and value an office that supports their needs. A 2015 Human Spaces report stated just that: a third of their surveyed workers said that having a well-designed workplace would sway them into joining a company.

Adding plants are a great step to increasing the attractiveness of your office to help retain your newer workers.

We connect more easily to spaces that hold nature. Places with no natural lighting or plants look easily sterile and bland. Your office is your worker’s second home – and keeping it comfortable and easy to connect to can provide comfort for your workers too, as strive to be the best they can be.

3.    Biophilic Office Design Increases your Productivity

Office plants are said to increase productivity by up to 15% if they’re in your worker’s line of sight, says a 2014 research study by the University of Exeter. By putting a plant per square metre, you can also improve a worker’s memory retention, which helps them score better on basic tests. It’s probably a layover effect from decreasing stress, but plants also help with psychological engagement and wellbeing. Allowing your workers to work in a place where they feel safe and engaged, they naturally become more productive workers.

Go to Work feel at Home

Plants have numerous benefits for your office – so try it out now! If you want advice as to what plants best suit your office, wondering what plants can thrive in the lighting and humidity your office has, feel free to get in contact with us now at 1300 943 588 or website. We’re glad to help!