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Office Plants

Design Your Office to Take Advantage of Office Plants Benefits! When you’re designing an office, there are many things to consider. It isn’t just how you can deck out your office with as many workstations as possible. A good office should cater to the needs of everyone who works there – whether its for introversion [...]

How to Design Your Office for both Millennials and Baby Boomers

Millennials and Boomers have two drastically different philosophies in what they want out of their workspaces, and that can give rise to tension in the office. The Boomer generation preferred quiet spaces and privacy, creating the traditional cubicle office design, still commonly used by large organisations, with a need for internal procedures, standardisation and bureaucratic [...]

Design Smarter Open-Plan Offices

The myth of open-plan offices generating more productivity has made open designs on trend since the early 2000s. Designers, architects and business owners alike tried to spark ideas and let businesses stand out from the crowd by getting rid of barriers like walls, cubicles and private offices. Barriers are unnecessary – giving everyone a space [...]

Make Good Choices

  Why is Make Good an Important Matter to Consider? Make Good can be an easily overlooked process for tenants. It seems simple at first glance. Isn’t Make Good just what you have to keep in mind at the end of your lease, when you promise to leave your premises in good condition? No, it’s [...]

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Why You Should Use More Wood In Your Office

    Weaving more natural elements, like wood, into indoor spaces is one of the biggest trends in modern architecture right now - wood architecture. Modern architecture has been reviving the nuts and berries architecture of the 60’s lately, favouring organic and natural houses and weaving more natural materials like wood into their work. The [...]

Complying Development Certificates (CDC)

What is a Complying Development Certificate (CDC)? Under NSW’s State Environmental Planning Policy, a CDC is designed to ensure compliance with various environmental and safety codes. While this may sound like a chore or overwhelming if you’re in charge of overseeing an office fit out, keep in mind that the certificate is referred to as [...]

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New Building Standards Compliance for Educational Institutions

If you’re an education provider you need to be aware that new legislation means your premises must comply with specific building requirements for you to be able to operate. All education and training institutions must now have a new certificate of approval under the Building Code of Australia (BCA) – a Class 9b certificate. You [...]

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Colour & Visual Comfort (Part 4)

Colour and the ways it is used in interior design has an impact on how we feel and how well we perform in that environment, there’s no doubt about it. But our preconceptions and common beliefs about how exactly colours will affect us don’t always hold true. The rigorous long-term study conducted by academics at [...]

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Colour & Visual Comfort (Part 3)

A unique study conducted over 20 years by a team from the School of Architecture at the University of Texas examined the influence of colour within the office environment to properly understand how it affects those who work in it. They ran a series of four intriguing experiments, with some unexpected results. Study #1: Colour [...]

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Colour & Visual Comfort (Part 2)

Colour has a direct impact on psychological wellbeing and productivity in the workplace. So it’s a key consideration in office and workplace design and planning. The authors of a study done at the University of Texas go so far as to say that designers have a responsibility to create harmony between colour and the intended [...]

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