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Office design in the age of Covid

  Covid-19 has meant seismic changes for modern offices. Zoom, flexible hours, time-shifting and work from home have had a huge effect on the way most companies function. But as vaccines roll out around the world and the “new normal” looms on the horizon, it’s time to start thinking about how office life – and [...]

Why You Should Use More Wood In Your Office

    Weaving more natural elements, like wood, into indoor spaces is one of the biggest trends in modern architecture right now - wood architecture. Modern architecture has been reviving the nuts and berries architecture of the 60’s lately, favouring organic and natural houses and weaving more natural materials like wood into their work. The [...]

Office Fitouts – Where to start?

Office Fitouts – Where to start? So you’ve just learned that it’s you who has to take charge of the new office fitout. And you have to get it done on top of all your usual commitments, with as little disruption as possible for everyone in the company. If you’ve never tackled one before a [...]

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The #1 Secret to a Successful Office Fitout

The #1 Secret to a Successful Office Fitout: Are you and your contractor singing from the same song sheet? Does your office fitout specialist truly get the spirit of the job? At the risk of sounding like I’ve gone all New Age let me tell you I firmly believe that when it comes down to [...]

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Making your Office Lease Make-Good a Stress-Free Experience

Making your Office Lease Make-Good a Stress-Free Experience If there is one thing that too many people find almost as stressful as fitting out a new office it’s the process at the completely opposite end of the spectrum - the make-good at the end of a lease. Every property is different, every landlord is different, [...]

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