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How to make your high-end office build stand out

  Whether you’re a successful business owner looking to redesign your office or a start-up looking to invest in your first physical premises, there are a number of things you should know about fitting out your space. After all, this isn’t just any old office with grey felt partitions and white walls. This is your [...]

Office Fitouts – Where to start?

Office Fitouts – Where to start? So you’ve just learned that it’s you who has to take charge of the new office fitout. And you have to get it done on top of all your usual commitments, with as little disruption as possible for everyone in the company. If you’ve never tackled one before a [...]

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Making your Office Lease Make-Good a Stress-Free Experience

Making your Office Lease Make-Good a Stress-Free Experience If there is one thing that too many people find almost as stressful as fitting out a new office it’s the process at the completely opposite end of the spectrum - the make-good at the end of a lease. Every property is different, every landlord is different, [...]

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