Whether you’re a successful business owner looking to redesign your office or a start-up looking to invest in your first physical premises, there are a number of things you should know about fitting out your space. After all, this isn’t just any old office with grey felt partitions and white walls. This is your business. This is high-end.

Consider your needs

What do you want out of your office? Is it a place to meet clients? If so, you might need a more formal, traditional fitout. But if you mostly entertain clients elsewhere, your look might be more casual. Similarly, consider your business needs. Will there be lots of teleconferences? If so, meeting room design will be crucial, taking into account things like natural light and wiring. Does privacy matter? If so, maybe an open plan isn’t right. And consider whether you need that ping pong table. It might seem totally hip and Silicon Valley, but if nobody in the company actually plays, it’s just going to sit there unused.

Show some personality

Having said all that, it’s your office. It needs to say something about you. Go back to your business plan. Look at your branding. Consult with your staff. Does your idea for a fitout reflect what they say? Maybe you want walnut panelling. Maybe you want a two-metre-tall piece of anime street art on a bare-brick wall. Only you can decide.

Get the right fitout crew

Don’t go with any old interior design/fit out company, choose an office fitout company in Sydney that understands the needs of your business. This isn’t about getting it done at the cheapest price. It’s about creating a home for your business. When you find someone you like, ask to see previous projects and speak to previous clients. If necessary, call other business owners and ask for recommendations. Remember, you’re going to spend a lot of time in that office.